Friday, February 12, 2016

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

AVP Northwest is Offering Free Women's AVPNext Events This Month! Available to Athletes Age 14 and Over. Now There is No Reason Not to Earn Your Spot at the Manhattan Beach Open.

The AVP Northwest is eight free team registrations to the each of the remaining four AVPNext 2015 women's events.  The free registrations are available on a first come, first serve basis and can be claimed by any female athletes over the age of 14.  The women's team that scores the most AVP Northwest Series Points this season will earn a main draw bid to the Manhattan Beach Open and may be eligible for a travel stipend as part of their prize.  In order to compete in these events, athletes must have a current USA Volleyball Membership and a current AVPNext Membership before they register.  Both memberships are still available and can be purchased for $15 each.  Players who coached or played club volleyball this season already have a valid USA Volleyball membership. 

Women's Events With Free Registrations Available
Saturday July 11 @ Jetty Island
Sunday July 12 at Bottega Fitness Park
Sunday July 19 at Bottega Fitness Park
Sunday July 26 at Bottega Fitness Park

Registration For All Events is Available at
AVPNext Membership is Available at
USA Volleyball Membership is Available at

Please Direct Questions about the AVPNorthwest to or call Mati Bishop at 425-344-0408

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spencer McLachlin and Taylor Crabb Come up From Cali to Take Top Spot in AVPNext Event #2

Spencer McLachlin and Taylor Crabb are hungry for AVP Points to improve their position in upcoming pro tour qualifiers.  So when they saw that they could make a slight pit stop after watching their friends graduate from UW and pick up some points in the AVPNext Zone 3 Series, they took advantage of the opportunity.

McLachlin and Crabb also took advantage of the wounded and weary Zone 3 points leaders Chris Littleman and Roman Onischenko.  The Northwest duo, who were winners of the first Zone 3 event, could not overcome fatigue and injury from their tournament in Canada the day before and fell twice to McLachlin and Crabb through the course of the day.  The third place finish for Littleman and Onischenko was enough to keep them on the top of the Zone 3 standings, but left the door open for two other local teams to get within striking distance.

Cole Franklin  rode into the event on his Ducati and rode out with a second place finish for himself and partner Joe Duenn that moves them into a strong second place in the Zone 3 Standings.  Brian and David Miller also moved up the standings into third place after their third place finish.  Their weekend included a 25-20 single set win over Littleman and Onischenko and was capped off by a close loss to Duenn and Cole in the crossover. 

AVPNext Zone 3 Northwest Standings after Two Events

1.  Chris Littleman/Roman Onischenko  128pts
2.  Cole Franklin/Joe Duenn  118pts
3.  Brian Miller/David Miller  98pts
4.  Elijah Timofeyev/Moses Timofeyev 88pts
5.  Tony Little/Aaron Hansen  80pts
6.  Spencer McLachin/ Taylor Crabb  74
7.  Tom Kohler/Christian Honer  64
8.  Matt Mueller/Joe Tassia  54
9.  Ryan Oxford/Meng Bak  36pts

 The Next AVPNext Zone 3 Events are June 27/28 at Bottega Fitness Park
June 27 Women's Division
June 28 Men's Division
Registration is Open at

Here is a Video of Taylor Crabb Blasting our Camera Person after a solid rally.  Enjoy


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Monday, May 18, 2015

Local Favorites Get a Win in the AVPNext Series Men's Division and Young Guns Make a Statement on the Women's Side in Zone 3 AVPNext Opening Weekend.

The AVPNext Zone 3 Pacific Northwest Series got underway this weekend at Bottega Fitness Park in Clearview, WA.  Chris Littleman and Roman Onishchenko won the men's division on Saturday.  Cyrene Hertzog and Deana Kraft won the women's division on Sunday.  The events were the first of five in the series that will send a team from each gender to compete in the Manhattan Beach Open. 

Men's Division
Littleman and Onishchenko earned their victory in a very competitive double elimination bracket.  Their journey to the finals included two 15-13 three set wins over Cole Franklin and Joe Duenn.  In the finals they met up against Tom Kohler and Christian Honer who flew up from their summer training grounds in Southern California for the event.  The local duo showed why they are the best in the Region in their narrow 21-19, 22-20 defeat of the visiting team.  

Men's Final Standings
Champions:  Chris Littlemen & Roman Onishchenko
Runner's Up:  Christian Honer & Tom Kohler
Tied 3rd:  Joe Tassia and Matt Mueller
Tied 3rd:  Cole Franklin & Joe Duenn
Tied 5th:  Brian Miller & David Miller
Tied 5th:  Moses Timofeyev & Elijah Timofeyev
Tied 7th:  Ryan Oxford & Meng Bak
Tied 7th:  Tony Little & Aaron Hansen

Women's Division
On Sunday Cyrene Hertzog and Deahna Kraft showed why they are both going to top level collegiate beach volleyball programs as they cruised through the women's division.  Hertzog, who is committed to play sand volleyball at the University of Hawaii and Kraft, who is committed to play sand volleyball at Pepperdine, did not drop a set through the course of the day.  In the finals, they won a hard fought match against Whatcom County residents Whitney Walker and Sophia Lawrence.  

Walker and Lawrence, who train with Skagit Island Volleyball Beach Academy, won their semifinal match against the new team of Shahla Prouty (Bothell High School) and Lauren Sanders (Glacier Peak High School.)  Gena Aytch and Nicole Cheldelin were the highest placing team over the age of 18 and finished tied for third with Prouty and Sanders. 

Women's Final Standings
Champions:  Cyrene Hertzog & Deahna Kraft
Runner's Up:  Whitney Walker & Sophia Lawrence
Tied 3rd:  Shahla Prouty & Lauren Sanders
Tied 3rd:  Gena Aytch & Nicole Cheldelin
5th:  Nikki Baehm & Alyssa Martin

AVPNext Zone 3 Series Event #2 Details
June 13  Women
June 14 Men
Registration is at

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Discounted USAV Members for Everyone and a New Discounted Registration For Anyone With a Valid Student ID!

Next Weekend the Road to Manhattan Beach Begins!
May 16 Men's Division
May 17 Women's Division
Register at

AVPNext Athletes will Be Able to Use the $15 USA Volleyball Summer Membership Instead of the $25 Outdoor Membership!
Reminder:  If you have a USAV membership From playing USAV events or coaching a USAV junior club you do not need to purchase a new membership. 

New $68 Student Registration for AVPNext Events!
Anyone with a valid Student ID from any high school or college will be able to save $20 on their AVPNext event registration.  Student registrations will not be allowed to collect prize money or a travel stipend, but will be able to win the main draw seed at the Manhattan Beach Open and will receive AVP Points based on their finishes!  

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

AVP Next Zone 3 Individual Event Registration is Now Open

Event registration for the 2015 AVP Next Zone 3 Series is now open. 
The winning team from the series in both the Men's and Women's Divisions will win a main draw seed in the Manhattan Beach Open!  

USA Volleyball Membership is Required for Every Player
Click Here to Get Your USA Volleyball Registraion

AVP Next Membership is Required for Every Player
Click Here to Get Your AVP Next Membership

All Registration is First Come First Serve
with a maximum of 20 Registrations per Division per event.

Registration is non-refundable, but may be transfered

Events will take place rain or shine

Friday, February 27, 2015

Opening Weekend Women's Open Moved to May 17, Men's Open will Take Place May 16

The dates of the Men's and Women's Division events for May 16 and May 17 have been changed.  The Women's Event has been moved from May 16 to May 17 and the Men's event has been moved from May 17 to May 16.

See you in the sand.  Complete series registration opens on April 1.  Individual event registration opens on April 15.