Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Spencer McLachlin and Taylor Crabb Come up From Cali to Take Top Spot in AVPNext Event #2

Spencer McLachlin and Taylor Crabb are hungry for AVP Points to improve their position in upcoming pro tour qualifiers.  So when they saw that they could make a slight pit stop after watching their friends graduate from UW and pick up some points in the AVPNext Zone 3 Series, they took advantage of the opportunity.

McLachlin and Crabb also took advantage of the wounded and weary Zone 3 points leaders Chris Littleman and Roman Onischenko.  The Northwest duo, who were winners of the first Zone 3 event, could not overcome fatigue and injury from their tournament in Canada the day before and fell twice to McLachlin and Crabb through the course of the day.  The third place finish for Littleman and Onischenko was enough to keep them on the top of the Zone 3 standings, but left the door open for two other local teams to get within striking distance.

Cole Franklin  rode into the event on his Ducati and rode out with a second place finish for himself and partner Joe Duenn that moves them into a strong second place in the Zone 3 Standings.  Brian and David Miller also moved up the standings into third place after their third place finish.  Their weekend included a 25-20 single set win over Littleman and Onischenko and was capped off by a close loss to Duenn and Cole in the crossover. 

AVPNext Zone 3 Northwest Standings after Two Events

1.  Chris Littleman/Roman Onischenko  128pts
2.  Cole Franklin/Joe Duenn  118pts
3.  Brian Miller/David Miller  98pts
4.  Elijah Timofeyev/Moses Timofeyev 88pts
5.  Tony Little/Aaron Hansen  80pts
6.  Spencer McLachin/ Taylor Crabb  74
7.  Tom Kohler/Christian Honer  64
8.  Matt Mueller/Joe Tassia  54
9.  Ryan Oxford/Meng Bak  36pts

 The Next AVPNext Zone 3 Events are June 27/28 at Bottega Fitness Park
June 27 Women's Division
June 28 Men's Division
Registration is Open at

Here is a Video of Taylor Crabb Blasting our Camera Person after a solid rally.  Enjoy


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